Friday, January 29, 2010


One of the most usual question people ask here, when I say I am from Bosnia, is what is traditional Bosnian food. Really often I leave it to my husband to explain it ,I am not objective on this item :-).
Personally I think Bosnian food is a big mix of various influences but one dish for me is really typical. It is BUREK ,kind of meat pie. I just can’t live without I make my own version ,since here I don’t have all ingredients that I need, and it is enough to survive until I go back home and eat one prepared by my mother.


  1. :-) I still didn't tried to make one, but I frequently make yogurt! :-)
    ...BTW, your blog has such an influence on me.. Today I was at Jardim de Estrela, and I was so so hungry. I didn't wanted to eat in café there, so, the only thing I could do, was to daydream about that muffins! I guess, I'll lay in bed with burek in my head...

  2. Ema next time invite me to go with you and I will bring food :-).
    Thanks a lot!!!