Monday, January 4, 2010

Charm of the winter holidays

I have one relative which, as a kid used a special stick with some rope on the end of it, which kind of had special meaning to him. Every day ,and some days few time a day , when a lot of thing would happened and he would have a lot of feeling and impressions, he would take his special magic stick and walk with it in the hand and ‘reliving’ all the day.

After this special part of the year, with a lot of friends and family gathering, I kind of wish to have this magical stick also. To make these impressions and feelings lasting longer... to relive them over and over.

Christmas night with its magic, kids completely excited, great food and warm atmosphere. A day started with me giving my try with ‘Bolo Rei’ a traditional Christmas Portuguese cake, so from the morning a house smelled on fresh baked cake.

During the day it changed with some other flavours of other traditional Portuguese dishes.
Kids anxiety grow until limits so this year they even slept ‘under’ the Christmas tree thinking they can ‘catch’ Santa like that.

New year eve was surrounded with kids and friend, great mood and great food. My part was desert and entry and decided to make raspberry cheesecake brownie which everybody adored.

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