Friday, February 19, 2010

Lime pie

Being foreigner in a foreign country for me is connected with being eager to meet and know new people, make friends.
And my experience tell me that is what happened with most of foreigners.
I use to go to same park with my kids every day and use to see same mums with kids...that is how I met my foreign mums . We were attracted like magnets, this eagerness to meet and know other people just put as together.
So....besides meeting in the park with kids we also meet at least once a month for dinner out or in house of one of us.
These dinners are pure gourmet dinners...we always experiment new recipes, try to match what will each of us is great!!!
‘February dinner’ was this week and I was in charge of desert , lime pie...


  1. My favorite dessert....!!!!!!lham lham....
    Lucky them

  2. I'm sad i miss all this great dinners : (