Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My country/ies, Bosnia


I was born in a country called Yugoslavia, and lived there for 19 years.
After that I was told Yugoslavia doesn't exist.
That may be true. Yugoslavia may not exist on the maps and papers, but it still exist in my heart.


I still consider Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia... my countries.
People that live there speak the same language, eat the same food, listen the same music, laugh on same jokes.... so I spent August travelling through MY COUNTRY and it felt so good.


I took so many photos and will share some of them with you today and in the next few posts.


Eu nasci num país chamado Jugoslávia, e vivi lá durante 19 anos.
Depois disseram-me que a Jugoslávia já não existe.
Isso até pode ser verdade. A Jugoslávia pode não existir nos mapas e documentos, mas ela ainda existe no meu coração.

Eu ainda considero a Croácia, Sérvia, Bósnia... meus países.
As pessoas que lá vivem falam a mesma língua, comem a mesma comida, ouvem a mesma música, riem das mesmas piadas... por isso passei Agosto a viajar pelo MEU PAÍS e senti-me tão bem.

Tirei tantas fotos e vou partilhar algumas delas com vocês hoje e nos próximos posts.


  1. Adorable, Sanda!! Can't wait to see more! I blogged about my holidays in Serbia, too. It was so good and relaxing!!

  2. I just read 'The Tiger's Wife' this summer and it totally re-interested me in the region. That book, plus your lovely photos, are really making me want to plan a visit!

    1. Didn't read that book,will try to look for it!!

  3. hope you visited croatia, looking forward to the pics!

  4. can't wait for the photos, it's great you visited!

  5. Hi Sanda, we´re neighbours, you´re in Portugal I´m in Spain.
    I haven´t visited your country, I was going to go last year, but a last minute cancelation left me unable to visit it.....I´ll make it some other time for sure.
    Love from Spain, and waiting to seeing your pictures.

  6. jedino mjesto gdje sam se u zivotu osjecala "kao kod kuce" bila je bosna....

  7. Este ano visitei o teu País e fique encantada! =)

  8. Prelepi postovi - MY COUNTRY :)