Friday, November 23, 2012

Dinner to remember

Dinner at Chef Nino

Dinner at Chef Nino
Dinner at Chef Nino

As you probably know, last week I made 40.. and that my friend is a great reason to celebrate.
I wanted to have a dinner with people that make part of my daily life, once that are there when needed, with whom I can share good and bed news.
Since the beginning I knew I wanted to make it at Chef Nino, cosy and beautiful place that has a special place in my hart. Anna and Nini said yes immediately and since then they were so cool about making all my wishes come true {*smile}.
Their place is so pretty and I knew I don't need to do some extra decorations, but I wanted just some small personalised touches..and here enters Rita, with her great style and amazing work.
I just loved, loved, loved what she did (go here to see more).

These 3 ladies made my dream come true and I am so thankful for all they did. It was such a great dinner and night to remember!!!!


  1. Belated happy birthday Sanda!
    I love the personalized paper place mats! Your birthday dinner looks really special.

  2. Sretan rođendan!
    Senzacionalno izgleda!

  3. Happy belated Birthday! The place looks amazing and I LOVE the design of the placemats and the whole table setting!

  4. Hello.
    were can I find the Moustashe Cokies?... Im from Lisbon. It's for my birthday 8 december....
    Can I order to you?, my email is