Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Working with Sara

Sara came with the spring.
She sent me a really cute mail introducing herself and her work and I just couldn't resist and had to meet her in person. We met, drank lemonade, spoke a bit and I knew this was a beginning of good and long lasting relation.

I had some small projects I wanted to do with her and I am so happy I did. She was really professional and I loved her style.
Here are some of the things Sara did for me and I hope to show you more in the future!!

{Photos and Video by Sara Dávila Evangelista}


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  2. Sara's creations are beautiful and congratulations for your wonderful blog, I really like. nice to meet you. eleonora

  3. Os cartoes ficaram fantasticos. E optimo quando conhecemos pessoas com talento e simpaticas durante o percurso da nossa vida.

  4. Parabéns às duas! Ficou tudo lindo. :)

  5. Um a Um... que paciencia de Chinês do senhor Tipografo!
    Ficaram muito lindos... adoro o lettring.