Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Holidays

And here we are at the final countdown, and all what I want is to spend time with my family, do some fun things, bake, cook and I will be away from this space in the next week and just wanted to stop by today to wish you the best Holidays ever.
I hope you are going to spend these days with your family also..because that is what these season is all about.
Happy Holidays!

{image by Sara Tavares}


  1. Obrigada pela receita ! Sempre quis experimentar mas nunca as fiz ...
    Umas boas festas para ti e para a tua família :)

  2. que coisa mais linda!
    Boas festas Sanda :) que seja um tempo feliz em família!

  3. I wish you a very happy and peaceful Christmas. a kiss