Sunday, November 14, 2010

London..first part

And… I'm back! Back from 3 lovely days in London. 3 days wandering around, eating on great places, visiting markets, buying books, seeing friend… I feel as good as new and full of inspiration!
On the first day our idea was to go to Shoreditch, to visit some nice spots I have read and heard about. Since my friend, in whose apartment we stood, lives in Islington… on our way to the tube station we suddenly found ourselves in a fairly tail street. Don’t ask me how, but Camden Passage seems like being far away from noise, crowd… such a cute, small street with great shops. Our first stop was The Elk in the Woods to have coffee and I loved their simplicity and decoration.

Then we continued to Loop

and Smug… the first one is a great knitting and crafting shop for which I fell in love just looking at their shop window and the second is trendy homeware shop.

We continued our trip to Shoreditch and there I just couldn´t resist… did some shopping at Labour and Wait

and had lunch at the great bakery/coffee bar/food shop… Albion, a great place and great lunch.

It will be continued…


  1. That looks like a lovely trip, I love to go to London again it has been to long ago.
    Thanks for sharing the photos so I can enjoy some window shopping too....

  2. Erika@you would definitely love Loop, it is great craft shop