Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Greatest Hits

I was never a fan of compilation CDs that have 'Greatest Hits' in their names, but anyway I am going to make a post with the same name.
You would wonder why? Well, to be honest this post has everything to do with you, my dear reader.

During this week I was doing some small changes in the blog (you maybe didn't notice, but I changed a bit my About page and added 'Linked With' and some other small changes) and I started to notice that the posts with most comments and views, to my surprise, are posts with savour dishes!!
Of course I got really curious and started looking into it with more attention.
And yes... the most popular 5 post, the greatest hits, are savour dishes.

I was wondering if you prefer to see this kind of recipes here on the blog? No sweets? Recipes with different ingredients? More personal posts? Simple and fast meals?

I would really like to get your feedback about this. I would like to make this the place where you can find, see, read things that you like. So... just write what you like/don't like to find in this corner and I will be happy to read it.


Nunca fui fã de CDs de compilações que têm 'Greatest Hits' nos seus nomes, mas de qualquer maneira eu vou fazer um post com esse nome.
Devem estar a perguntar mas porquê? Bem, para ser sincera este post tem tudo a ver com vocês, meus caros leitores.

Durante esta semana estive a fazer algumas pequenas alterações no blog (talvez não tenham notado, mas mudei um pouco a minha About page e acrescentei 'Linked With' e algumas outras pequenas mudanças) e comecei a perceber que os posts com mais comentários e opiniões, para minha surpresa, são posts com pratos de sabor!!
Claro que fiquei muito curiosa e comecei a investigar com mais atenção.
E sim... os 5 posts mais populares, os greatest hits, são os pratos para saborear.

Eu queria saber se preferem ver este tipo de receitas aqui no blog? Sem doces? Receitas com ingredientes diferentes? Posts mais pessoais? Refeições simples e rápidas?

Gostava realmente de obter o vosso feedback sobre isso. Gostaria de fazer este o lugar onde podem encontrar, ver, ler coisas que gostam. Então... basta escrever o que gosta/não gosta de encontrar neste canto e eu vou ficar feliz por lê-lo.

Homemade Ricotta Homemade Ricotta

Spinach, Feta and Tomato Quiche Spinach, Feta and Tomato Quiche


Sage and Mozzarella Mushrooms Sage and Mozzarella Mushrooms

Cauliflower Soup Cauliflower Soup


  1. I'm a new reader, so I can't comment on which posts I've liked best, but every one of those dishes above looks SO GOOD, I want to try to make them all today! Great job on your blog updates too.

  2. Please continue to write both, sweet and savour. Love your blog with great fotos, interesting recepies and your personal writing style.

  3. Hi, I really enjoy your photos. The tablecloths, plates, cutlery, all these things... :o)

  4. Refeições simples e rápidas é ideal!!!

  5. Refeições simples e rápidas é ideal!!!

  6. Sanda, your photos are absolutely lovely! Also, I'm dying to make those lovely little quiches!

  7. Ja više volim slatke recepte ali uvijek pogledam i slane.

  8. Draga Sanda,
    meni se sve sviđa:)
    Iako više volim slana jela, tvoje poslastice obožavam jer su drugačije od klasičnih i baš onakve kakve ja volim.
    Nove promene su osveženje a koncept tvog bloga je meni savršen od prvog dana:)
    Samo nastavi!

  9. I love looking at Sweet recipes but because I had a giant sweet tooth and no self control at all I would visit savoury posts more to get recipes but I would say to post both! I love seeing both. And Im just about to bookmark your spinach and feta tarts! Tomato feta and balsamic is one of my favourite flavour combinations and my bf is obsessed with making things using pastry.. I can see us eating that for dinner this weekend ^_^

  10. I'm brand new here, but I think everything looks amazing! Your photographs are beautiful. I wish I had your talent, both in cooking, and in photography!

  11. I skipped lunch, then looked at these pictures, and now I'm STARVING!!

  12. What a bad idea to read this close to midnight... now I'm starving and need to raid the refrigerator!

    Truly mouthwatering post and a lovely blog you have here!

  13. Sanda, this is one of the best greatest hits ever. I have to force myself to stop looking at the gorgeously drool-worthy pictures, otherwise, I have no self control and will eat whatever is in the pantry.

    I love this post especially because you're making it very easy for me to keep your best recipe gems - all in one bookmarked page. Thank you!