Thursday, January 14, 2010

Berry tart

As I already wrote in one of the previous posts, I had ‘girls’ gathering’ on Sunday and I was in charge of dessert.
My first idea was to make plum tart but, since I couldn’t find plums anywhere (probably it is not even plum season) and as I had some frozen berries, I made some berry tart. was not easy I must confess. My new silicon tart form was a big obstacle.
Until now I was avoiding using silicon forms in the kitchen but the other day I found one that I thought was good because it was not 100% silicon… the base was from porcelain.
Well...tart was great, girls really liked it and silicon form is archived.


  1. Hummm... Delicious! Sanda, remember... I will ask Marcos for a slice, to celebrate our next basketball victory! :)

  2. Well, I've started keeping notes on the menu I would like to taste when I come for a visit,and will not settle with a slice only ;-)

    Keep on blogging.