Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crusty Italian loaf

Recently I discovered this great recipe in Ottolenghi cookbook..since then I am making it almost every day. Most of people would think that making bread at home is something really complicate but I can sure you it is not, and it is really worth. I make ‘starter’ a night before and then a next day in the afternoon add a rest of ingredients ,leave it to rest ,do some ‘streching’ and that is it..for breakfast we have fresh homemade bread.


  1. Sounds really easy, when you talk about it. But I know it is not...
    LJiljana V Kapor

  2. I would appreciate a recipe for this as we've been making bread too.

    Grazie mille :)

  3. Vesna...I will do my best.

    Ljiljo ,I really think it is not a big deal,we can try together when I come there:-)