Saturday, February 6, 2010


Number one object of desire for a long time for me was KitchenAid stand up mixer.
First it was visual impact, its vintage design, colors… I find it irresistible. Then I started reading some overviews and realized it’s ‘powers’ :-)
So.. this year a Santa brought me one, I was jumping of happiness. Since then use it on daily basis…it is great!!!!


  1. Hello Sandra,

    I would like to introduce you the Queen of the kitchen. Wich is BIMBY. That is the help for every woman. Once you see it you'll never forget. Please see in google - Thermomix. Vorwerk is the company and if you understand portuguese you can also explore as name as BIMBY.If you have any doubt pse call 919839241 my name is Isabel and my job is to make demonstrations of this special robot. During the presentation we'll make a beatifull meal that you can enjoy afterwards with your family.

  2. I heard about Bimby but I am relly happy with my Kitchen Aid.Anyway thank you for your contact