Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Plum Cake and my new Book

Books are definitely my big addiction. I love to go to bookshops, feel the smell of a new book, look around and buy…and…you can guess, I love cookbooks!!!

I am able to see them over and over, study with chirurgical precision every recipe, think what I can add or take out, how I can do it differently.
My latest purchase is a book “The craft of Baking” from Karen De Masco, where I found great recipes and what I liked the most was a way she tried to adjust recipes for different seasons depending on ingredients you can get. There is one main recipe and then some suggestions, variations…perfect for people like me who like to change and experiment.

Os livros são definitivamente o meu vício. Adoro ir a livrarias, sentir o cheiro de um livro novo, admirar e compra… e… como imaginam, adoro livros de culinária!!!

Sou capaz de os ver vezes e vezes sem conta, estudar cada receita com uma precisão cirúrgica, pensar no que posso adicionar ou retirar, como posso fazê-la de outra forma.
A minha última aquisição é o livro “The craft of Baking” de Karen De Masco, onde encontrei óptimas receitas e o que gostei mais foi a forma como ela tenta ajustar as receitas às diferentes estações dependendo dos ingredientes que consegue ter. Há uma receita principal e algumas sugestões, variações… perfeito para pessoas como eu que gostam de alterar e experimentar.


  1. Hi Sanda,
    Great post and the plum cake looks yum!!

  2. Hi there, great post your cake looks yummy!!
    I love reading as well, it's actually an addiction, hence why I started making magnetic bookmarks. I had to sell something so I could keep buying more hahaha.
    Kylie (Australia)

  3. Hi Sanda :)
    I love books. The smell. Love the smell of books. It's the first thing that i do before i actually i read them. :)

  4. Hello! I found you through BYW. I'm happy I did. Love your blog. The photos are lovely, and the recipes sound fantastic. I adore cook books too. Have heaps of them. Consider me a new fan (and follower)!

  5. love your post and your blog. I am a fellow decor8 class participant and I noted you when we started class. Might have to give this recipe a try.

  6. Love this post! I just edited down my cookbooks but now I'm wishing I had this one!

  7. i found you via BYW course...

    oh delicious! i love fresh fruit in cakes
    and i do love plums!
    happy baking - looks like a fabulous cookbook...

  8. Thank you all for your great comments!!!I am so happy you liked it :-)

  9. yumm! This week's homework is a little easier huh?
    I work for a publishing company too that sells TONS of cookbooks, let me know if any interest you & i'd be glad to send them to u! My favorite are Artsy Keiki Bento ones! www.mutualpublishing.com

    P.S. I LOVE bookstores too!

  10. I'm from the BYW class too. My mouth is totally watering from your lovely photos. I must keep exploring your blog for more great recipes!

  11. Also from BYW - loved how you had the book and the FOOD on display - makes for a brilliant post!

  12. Oh, what a delicious post! :) Both the book an the cake looks lovely.

    From BYW too :)

  13. From BYW...You did a really nice job, here. I love the photos, and will look out for the book. It sounds like one I would also enjoy!

  14. Oh I totally know how you feel about books... I love going to bookstores too! Though my interest are more of the crafting and designs. Lovely posts! I'm also frm BYW.

  15. Great book review and your photos are really fun. Blessing from a fellow BYW student.


    PS I love your darling cupcake logo.